About Orrible 

Orrible, real name Jonathan Horrell is an artist based in the rolling country side of Devon. Orrible has been making his mark since an early age growing up in Plymouth exploring areas of urban decay whist being heavily immersed in the skateboarding and drum n bass counter culture of the late nineties into the 21st century – all heavy influences on his work today.


Living and working just outside Salcombe, it is here where he feels most at home and how his signature style of stencil art has emerged. Orrible has a deep rooted love for nature and animals and this is portrayed beautifully throughout his collection of works which can be in the form of a street paste , canvas, or studio screenprint.

Operating from a 500 year farmhouse in his Pig Sty studio with nesting owls, swallows and bats overhead, he bases his art on his local natural surroundings but with the element and execution of street art and graffiti of the city, a far cry from the busy sprawling streets of London or Amsterdam were his street art can be found.

“I love the freedom street art gives – love it or hate it, it makes you stop and think for a bit! You can’t help but look , you’re almost forced to take notice.”


Orrible is making waves in the art world with his simple yet effective style of stencil work with bold, striking hand sprayed colour-ways and blends. Mixing bold spray-painted stencils with diamond dust , gold leaf or newspaper clippings to create beautiful eye catching works of art. All of his work is hand finished , handcut stencils. “The more simple it is, I find the more affect you can have giving my work a real pop feel to it. I can’t deny my influences – I love Warhol,Banksy, Eine, Faile, Snik and Jeff Aerosol to name but a few.”


Orrible is a strong supporter of Bristol based charity TEMWA, having sold many pieces at their annual contemporary urban art Auction ‘Art for Africa’ rubbing shoulders with heavy hitters in the art game such as Inkie,Mau Mau,Toasters and Paul Mcgowan in the street art mecca of Stokes Croft, Bristol raising much needed funds for the desperate people of Malawi.


Orrible likes to be involved in the whole process of his art even if its washing clean the screens when creating his latest screen print at Jealous of London.

Hard working and tenacious he is often his own biggest critic always striding for perfection in the execution of his work.


This diverse and adaptable artist will be exhibiting for the very first time this year at the Moniker Art Festival showcasing with Jealous of London, a brand new set of editions printed in the Jealous studios in September 2016.

Orrible has teamed up for the first time with the mighty Rise Gallery of Croydon London to showcase a selection of original works and his latest owl screen print “I SEE YOU”.



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